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The 10 Best Open Source Projects You Should Be Volunteering To Help With

HINT: They are all Linux based


The success of Open Source projects has defied the old saying – too many cooks spoil the broth. If you doubt the success of the open source initiative, you just have to look at Firefox and WordPress, probably two tools that are helping you to read most of the web. Then, you probably are fixing up a date on an Android phone.

My colleague Erez explained Why You Should Contribute To Open Source Projects [Opinion]. You aren’t a coder? Read 8 Ways To Help Open-Source Projects If You’re Not A Coder. You could be a writer, a designer, a translator, just a Facebook or Twitter junkie, or someone who wants to just donate money for the cause. There are different levels where you can put your two bits. And here are ten of the many open source projects where you can.

Mozilla Developer Network


The Chromium Projects


More HERE.


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