100 Best Free and High Quality Linux Games

There are literally thousands of games that can be played on Linux, if you’re a casual gamer or hardcore Linux fan who is looking to have a bit of fun on your favourite distro, there’s plenty of games to choose from.

If you are unsure what to get, this list will help you out. This list includes all the popular and free high quality games that runs on Linux natively, from action/first-person shooters to real-time and turn-based strategy games to rpg/mmorpg etc.

If you have more games that you would like to recommend, feel free to share it.

So rather than having you go through them all. Here is a PDF with 100 Best Free and High Quality Linux Games (Right-Click and Save Link As) and their respective links. There are games in here that I have NEVER heard of.

Or visit the direct link to the page.

PDF courtesy of Linux Game News.

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