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13:Origin puzzle adventure gears up for funding

13:origin puzzle adventure game gears up to start funding for linux mac windows pc

13:Origin puzzle adventure game gears up to start funding for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of indie game developer Corvus Studio. Due to starting a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter next week.

The Kickstarter campaign will be released to fund 13:Origin, the adventure puzzle game on Steam. Some of you may have already played the completely standalone Prologue via Proton 6.3-9. Which happens to play quite well offering a more detailed style of gameplay. Already proving successful in the 81% Very Positive reviews. Plus, there is also a Windows PC build via Itch, should you choose to use WINE.

Being a dark looking puzzle adventure game, I reached out to Corvus Studio. And since 13:Origin is developed in Unity3D, the developer has good things to say about Linux support.

It will be available on mobile(IOS & Android), PC, Mac and of course Linux.

Corvus plans to tell a whole story with 3 main parts to 13:Origin. Since the Prologue is kind of a demo for the players. It explains only little parts of the story. Since the main protagonist is the head psychologist of a mental institute. Who’s locked in his room by a very clever and dangerous patient.
So, to get out from this room he must solve puzzles and riddles. Which are all made by that patient in the prologue part. Plus there is an ancient story behind it. Since the patient and doctor don’t know each other well. However, they are connected somehow. The reveal and that connection are coming in 13:Origin – Part I (late Q3 – 2022). This means September 2022, if everything goes according to the funding plan.

13:Origin Trailer

13:Origin is a web of clues that you must follow and not miss. As in most room escape or puzzle games. While you untie each knotted loop, you will realize how long and endless the thread you hold on to the end is. Offering you more than just a mechanical puzzle solving experience. You’ll need to leverage the mechanics and the story. Using your instincts, and most importantly, “doubt” to solve puzzles carefully crafted for you.

A prologue of 13:Origin is currently available on Steam for free. With this prologue, you will be able to experience the storyline the dev’s are aiming for. Some of them are different, unique, and satisfying puzzles.

The developers are planning to use more detailed blender models. Including High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) assets to make the setting more nervous and realistic. And as a result, spending most of their time creating a perfect story for players. So there will be no gap or confusing section in the scenario.


  • IMMERSIVE AND ORGANIC STORY: offers you a unique story that you have not experienced before and the tense atmosphere
  • SECRETS TO DISCOVER: As you solve these unique 13:Origin puzzles, you also uncover a secret that has been around since the beginning of mankind.
  • MINIMALIST INTERFACE: We do not want to confuse your mind even more. Which is already sufficiently entangled with stories and puzzles. The interface and gameplay were thought as minimalist as possible.

13:Origin puzzle adventure is due to release the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on September 20th, 2021. This will be for the first part of game. Which is also coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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