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2013 the Year of Linux according to Linus Torvalds

Executive director of Linus Torvald’s Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, declared that 2013 was the year of Linux in everything as it reached out from #smartphones, tablets, consumer appliances and cars, to the open cloud and high-performance computers, to #gaming #platforms and more while recognizing Linus Torvald’s contribution to those successes.

Linux on a phone. Courtesy of ryan_worl.

Linux Foundation is a kernel development community for Linux operating system which was founded by Linus Torvalds in late 1980s.

Zemlin, in his report, notes that more than 1.5m Android, which is based on linux software, phone activations are happening every day. Many high-tech cars such as the Cadillac CTS sedan and the all-electric Tesla Model S run Linux.

Top contributing companies to Linux’s development include Canonical, Google, and Samsung.

The cloud computing space is one of the fastest growing areas of IT with Gartner forecasting it will account for the bulk of IT spending in 2016, said Zemlin. Gaming industry was flourished by Linux as well as Valve and SteamOS adopted Linux software for their brands.

Zemlin say, these developments represent a major shift in the way the gaming industry looks at Linux and open source and is poised to transform the competitive dynamic among companies in that space and the way users interact with their games. Linux is making this happen.

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