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2130 expansion announced for Rise of Industry

2130 expansion announced for rise of industry on linux mac windows pc

2130 expansion announced for Rise of Industry coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to publisher Kasedo Games and developer Dapper Penguin Studios. Coming to Steam but not yet listed on GOG and Humble Store.

Rise of Industry announced that tycoon game will have some changes. And likewise, will be heading into the future age in an upcoming expansion.

In Rise of Industry: 2130, your idyllic world of profit and loss lay in ruins. As a result of mankind’s endless capitalism and destruction of decades gone by. While giving birth to a dark and desolate new world.

Now it’s the year 2130. So after two centuries, humans managed to recreate their cities. But life is still struggling. Similarly both trees and fish are nowhere to be found. While everyone lives in high-density buildings. Eating algae and working with robots. Scavenging ruins of the old world for even more remaining resources.

Contrary to the main game. Where everything is historically accurate. In 2130 there is far more technobabble and future-tech. Due to creativity without restraints. So just pure, clean fun.

Rise of Industry: 2130 | Teaser Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Now you must construct all new technologically advanced production lines. While you rebuild your industrial empire in a bleak dystopian future.

Also, make sure to scavenge materials from the ruins of former cities. Place over 30 new buildings. Like the offshore algae farms or thorium mines. And likewise, move them to market with new maglev trains and cargo dropships.

2.0 Update

The 2130 expansion is released in with the totally free Update 2.0. Both for Rise of Industry base game and expansion. The new update will also be full of new features and content. Such as Layouts, which allows you to build your ideal production setups. Consequently allowing you to share with the community. Or replicate them as many times as you like. The introduction of seasons, a new objective-based ‘helper’ system, ‘The Assistant’. While including a host of improvements and fixes to complete the free 2.0 update.

Rise of Industry: 2130 will be available in Q4 2019 for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. You can also check out the details on the Steam page. But there is no price yet.

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