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2D multiplayer brawler Overruled! Early Access

2D multiplayer brawler Overruled! Early Access linux mac windows

Team17 is proud to announce the Early Access release of Overruled! for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on #Steam. Developed by Essex-based Dlala Studios, Overruled! is a 2D #multiplayer arena-based brawler like no other – players change the rules as they play, directly influencing the dynamics and direction of #combat.

Overruled! Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

“There is great synergy between Worms and Overruled! The multiplayer action married to the ability to alter the game’s parameters on the fly brings out the very best and worst in everyone, often with hilarious consequences.” commented  Debbie Bestwick, Team17’s Managing Director.

Aj Grand-Scrutton CEO and Craig Thomas CCO at Dlala Studios added, ”Making Overruled! has been the most exciting and terrifying time of our lives but that doesn’t compare to how excited we are about getting the community’s input on the game. We want to see people jumping in the discussion boards and telling us what characters, levels, game modes, change’em-ups and levels they want to see in game. Also to have our release come the same week that Overruled! is on show at Gamescom on Microsoft’s [email protected] stand is mental. We never thought we’d be in this position this soon and we are beyond grateful to all the support we’re getting and all the support we will be getting from you guys!”

Overruled! lets players choose from a diverse cast of characters and challenge their friends to a battle with both local and online multiplayer! In order to win all you have to do is score the most points by the end of the game. But the rules are yours to play with and with over 25 dynamic change ’em-up cards, you’ll never know how the battle will go!

Early Access release:

Overruled! is out now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam Early Access and will be coming to Xbox One late 2014 (if you’re at Gamescom visit the [email protected] booth in Hall 6 to get first hands-on play).

Early Access Launch Features:

·      5 differently themed maps to battle upon

·      6 characters featuring unique voice overs

·      6 different game types including King of the Hill, Swag Bag, Fire Tag, Smash ‘n’ Grab, Headhunter and Race.

·      Over 25 different Change ’em-up cards to play

·      Local and Online Multiplayer for up to four players

·      Plus more content to come during Early Access!

Overruled_2D_multiplayer_brawler_for_linux mac_and_windows_pc_screenshot-1

Overruled_2D_multiplayer_brawler_for_linux mac_and_windows_pc_screenshot-2

Overruled_2D_multiplayer_brawler_for_linux mac_and_windows_pc_screenshot-3

Overruled_2D_multiplayer_brawler_for_linux mac_and_windows_pc_screenshot-4

Overruled_2D_multiplayer_brawler_for_linux mac_and_windows_pc_screenshot-5

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