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2D video games developer tools improved for Unity 4.3

According to the official website, #Unity 4.3 was released yesterday and it is already available for free download. The new version of the popular #game development #engine comes with new features,  especially for the 2D game development enthusiasts.

What is Unity?

Unity is a game development engine that enables any gaming enthusiast with basic knowledge in game development to create his own video game, in 2D or 3D. While the engine is available for free download on the official website, it is quite easy to comprehend and learn even by those who are not working in the video game development industry.

Basically, Unity may be familiar to those who already worked with Flash, developing video games or creating video clips. However, while Flash was a 2D app, Unity comes with a 3D environment that makes it perfect for those who want to develop 3D games. Moreover, users of Unity are able to import Maya or 3D Studio Max animations in order to use them in the process of game creation.

In short, Unity is based on three programming languages: (Unity JavaScript, C # and Boo, a work environment in 3D very similar to Maya and export capabilities to various media platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android or Unity Web Player. Unity 3D is fairly easy to learn, and as I have mentioned before, it is available for free (the standard version), which makes it very attractive.

The latest list of updates for Unity 4.3 includes:

  • A completely new 2D toolset
  • 2D sprites, automatic sprite splicing.
  • A new 2D animation window
  • Integrated 2D physics.
  • Possibility to mix 2D and 3D visual style together within a game.
  • A major Windows Store apps upgrade
  • A new renderer component: SpriteRenderer that supports dynamic batching with non-uniform scaling.
  • New features and improvements for the editor.
  • Shader related features

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