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3.0 Public Beta for X4: Foundations is Live

3.0 public beta for x4 foundations is live on linux windows pc

3.0 Public Beta for X4: Foundations releases for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer EGOSOFT. Who also announces the good news. While highlighting the upcoming X4: Split Vendetta expansion. Similarly, if you own the game on Steam, these changes are worth playing.

The 3.0 Public Beta phase is already live for X4: Foundations. While kicking off a host of changes and new features. So that X4 fans have the opportunity to preview these big changes. Likewise, this is also a major update coming in the first quarter of 2020.

Since 3.0 Public Beta is available now. For Linux it’s only on Steam. And Windows PC (Steam and GOG Galaxy).

X4: Foundations 3.0 Beta Live Stream – Nov 14th 2019

Some of the most significant changes include:

  • Improved graphics engine to support new visual effects
  • Better sound effects
  • Virtual seminars and quicker skill progression for crew training
  • Configurable alert system in 3.0 Public Beta
  • Individual and also group crew transfer
  • Policing options for player-owned space
  • Ability to dock using a spacesuit directly
  • Improvements to menus. Including Map, Encyclopedia, Logical Station Overview and Logbook
  • Improved target display and mission guidance
  • More control over drones and turrets
  • Alternative steering methods including head tracking systems and X3 retro mode

The full changelog with over 150 entries and details. Can be found in the EGOSOFT forums. Also, here is how to access the public beta of X4: Foundations. While there is a Linux build on GOG. The 3.0 Public Beta is only available for Windows PC via Galaxy. But on Steam, here is how to dive in now.


  • So first, make sure that your saved games are backed up!
  • To start using the Beta version. Right-click X4: Foundations in the Steam client
  • Select Properties and go to the Betas tab
  • Enter the 3.0 Public Beta password IBackedUpMySaves
  • Select public_beta from the dropdown list.
  • To return to using the non-Beta version. Select NONE from the same dropdown list.

Further insights into 3.0 Public Beta. And also the current and future development of X4: Foundations. You can refer to the Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”). With EGOSOFT founder Bernd Lehahn on October 29, 2019. Likewise for the recording of the livestream above.

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