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3000th Duel action adventure support update

3000th duel action adventure support update for linux mac windows pc

3000th Duel action adventure support update for Linux, besides Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to a recent reply from developer NEOPOPCORN Corp. Due to receive a full release on Steam, December 12th.

Since there maybe a few people waiting on support for 3000th Duel. Myself included. The game still holds a solid 87% Positive review rating on Steam. Even though the games still in Early Access.

Therefore, NEOPOPCORN Corp will be releasing the full version on December 12th. Bringing this dark fantasy metroidvania to the masses. But it looks like the support update means, Linux will be coming soon. Here’s the plan:

We are finishing up the Nintendo Switch version. We are going to release Nintendo Switch version after full release.

We’re planning on Linux and PS4 as our next step.

So it looks like after the Switch release of 3000th Duel. Then the Linux and PS4 edition will make a debut. Of course, there is also Proton support. I can personally confirm the action adventure works deliciously well. Even controller support integrates without a hitch. Which should also help make porting the game easier.

3000th Duel Official Launch Trailer

3000th Duel is an obscure but challenging game. Which focuses on exploration, while still a solid side scroller action RPG. The game contains 150+ monsters and gigantic final bosses. Also a universe with more than 300 organically connected biomes. So you will have to keep you focus.

The final version of 3000th Duel will include a full story. This will star a mysterious masked hero. Along with improvements such as better level design. Also more balanced gameplay based on the feedback given by gamers.


  • Lead a masked hero with no memory, and discover something terrifying about his true identity.
  • Explore a huge world with more than 300 organically connected biomes.
  • Encounter 150+ monsters and final bosses.
  • Use blade-based, sword-based and lance-based attacks.
  • Collect Occults spread all over the map to use the Forbidden Magic.
  • Build each player’s main character into one’s preferred battle type.

3000th Duel is due to release on December 12th on Steam. Priced at $14.99 USD. Coming to Mac and Windows PC, followed by Linux after launch.

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