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3000th Duel native release coming “soon”

3000th duel linux release coming soon with mac windows pc

3000th Duel Linux release for the action adventure is coming “soon” beside Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to a recent reply from indie studio NEOPOPCORN Corp. Who just emailed with and update. And the Steam reviews are still Positive.

3000th Duel released the dark fantasy metroidvania back in December 2019. Then following on Switch, February 19th. With a previous comment stating the Linux release would follow. Well, apparently that’s true, but…

We are on our way to developing DLC. And we will be making a PS4 & Linux version pretty soon.

So there will be a DLC coming first. Then followed by the Linux and PS4 builds. We should have further details on progress soon. But it’s a pleasure to see NEOPOPCORN keeping their commitment. Although we still do not have a release date for 3000th Duel on Linux.

If you don’t know 3000th Duel. The game is an obscure exploration focused, side-scroller action RPG. Which also comes with 150+ monsters and gigantic final bosses. All in a universe with more than 300 organically connected biomes.

3000th Duel Official Launch Trailer

Also, a bit of history. The game is inspired by movie classics. Such as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Now becoming one of the best selling metroidvania’s on the platform.


  • Lead a masked hero with no memory, and discover something terrifying about his true identity.
  • Explore a huge world with more than 300 organically connected biomes.
  • Encounter 150+ monsters and final bosses in 3000th Duel.
  • Use blade-based, sword-based and lance-based attacks.
  • Collect Occults spread all over the map to use the Forbidden Magic.
  • Build each player’s main character into one’s prefered battle type.

The final version of 3000th Duel will include a full story. Thanks to the mysterious masked hero. Also improvements such as a better level design and a more balanced gameplay. All based on the feedback given by gamers. The game works using Proton 5.0-3. Coming “soon” to Linux.

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