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35MM is a survival adventure game coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC on Greenlight


Set in a bleak #postapocalyptic world which is not a survival #game and is not about simply murdering everything. #35MM for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC is about two friends journeying through an eerie land deserted following an epidemic. A new trailer from Russian creator Sergey Noskov looks eerie and introspective and unsettling, a game we would like to play. But we will have to wait until the middle of this year to get into some gameplay, sadly.

There were not many survivors in the world and those who came through had to return to the era of agriculture and gathering. We will play for the main character whose way runs through the abandoned towns and cities of Russia, vast fields and forests of the country. Who are we, where are we from and where are we going? We will know it only at the end!

Noskov describes 35mm as being “in a quest style with some elements of a shooter.” Survival games seem to be encompass a lot of bleakness nowadays. But a video game with a camera, that’s unique. And let’s face it, if you want to find a game where your survival is dependent upon your resources, there are plenty of games with that genre. 35MM is about survival and exploration.

Sergey Noskov is also behind two games we have not heard of until now but they are only available for Windows PC, The Light and The Train.

35mm is still a bit of a mystery, but its Steam Greenlight page has screenshots, a few more words, and a second video. Here’s the latest:

[Director’s commentary: I had intended to start this post with some joke about “reading the Russians” but realised I was ripping off Richard Brautigan. Then it became something about how there’s an image of the former Soviet Republics making only bleak games, but then pointing out Russia also gave us Stalin vs. the Martians; it was a sloppy joke. So we get this.]


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