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3D Game development goes AAA with Leadwerks for Linux

Leadwerks Software has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their game development software to the Linux operating system. The company says this will allow users to build and play games without ever leaving the Linux operating system.

Game engine provider Leadwerks is attempting to crowdfund native Linux development using its tech on Kickstarter.

The company is looking for $20,000 to fund the engine’s compatibility with Linux operating systems, starting with Ubuntu 12.04.

In a post on its Kickstarter page, the firm said it wasn’t enough to just export games to Linux, and that it wanted to ease the development process for the platform by allowing developers to create and play titles without leaving the Linux operating system.

It also stated its overall goal was to help facilitate the expansion of the Linux games library and encourage development of Linux-exclusive releases.

“We have a complete visual editor that handles all aspects of the game development process, and we’re porting it to run natively on Linux,” reads the description.

“We’re using GTK for the user interface, so our editor will look and feel like a native Linux application. We’re targeting Ubuntu 12.04 to start with, and will support other distros as we make progress. You’ll also be able to compile your game’s code on Windows and Mac… if you feel like sharing.”

It added: “We want to push Linux graphics beyond anything that’s ever been done. Linux is the perfect platform for triple-A graphics, because it has OpenGL performance faster than Windows or Mac. We’re taking advantage of this performance with deferred lighting, hardware tessellation, and up to 32x multisample antialiasing. And you don’t have to use an emulator.”


Leadwerks is known for advanced graphics, and the company says they want to bring this to Linux. This will let Linux users play AAA games that run natively on Linux, instead of going through emulators like WINE. The company points out that the superior performance of OpenGL on Linux makes it the perfect platform for AAA games.

Leadwerks is currently looking to integrate its game engine with Steam, and plans to deliver game assets, including models, textures, scripts and maps through Steam Workshop. It hopes this will also make it easier to submit Linux games to Greenlight.

Leadwerks is a 3D game development platform that allows developers to code in C++, and the latest version of the engine offers features such as automatic asset conversion, and support for scripting language Lua, which can be combined with games written in native code.

The tech’s editing tools were also recently updated to included a technique called constructive solid geometry, which the firm claims helps streamline the process of developing games and allows artists to see what the game looks like as they build it.

It should be noted that the tech’s Steam integration would rely on the engine being passed through the Greenlight process. The Linux version of the development platform will however be available as a standalone application if it successfully reaches its Kickstarter goal.

Leadwerks Software aims to raise $20,000 in 45 days to build Leadwerks for Linux. “We’re really excited to be working with Steam and the Linux community,” said Josh Klint, founder of Leadwerks Software. “We think there’s a unique opportunity here. The timing is right. I think Linux is really ready for mainstream PC gaming, and we really just want to take Linux gaming to the next level”.

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  • SearchingForRuleOfLaw
    Jul 08, 2013 10:46 am



    Download the trial demo for Leadwerks 3 (windows or mac) and see if you can come anywhere near the graphics in the screenshot you see above…

    That screenie is from a Leadwerks 2 development… Leadwerks 3 CANNOT MAKE THESE KIND OF GRAPHICS…

    The Leadwerks 3 doesn’t compare to the older Leadwerks 2 Editor…NO TERRAIN… NO GRASS… NO TREES AND FOREST… NO SKYBOX… NO FOG… NO WATER… NO ENHANCED POST PROCESSING…


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