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4A Games announced Metro Redux for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, SteamOS, Windows PC and Xbox One

Developer 4A Games is re-releasing its two Metro games — 2010’s Metro 2033 and last year’s Metro: Last Light — and #bundling them into a single package: a “true #director’scut” of those titles called Metro Redux.

Created in-house at the Ukrainian studio by some 80 people over the course of a year, Metro Redux for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, SteamOS, Windows PC and Xbox One will be a “complete remaster,” according to publisher Deep Silver.

The original Metro 2033 has been rebuilt in the engine developed for its sequel, Last Light, according to Deep Silver brand manager Huw Beynon, bringing with it a host of improvements that affect its visuals and gameplay.

Metro 2033 is getting an all-new lighting engine and performs better on lower end PC hardware, Beynon said. It will also borrow a few gameplay elements from Last Light, adding the option to wipe your character’s mask clean of condensation or blood splatter, as well as introduce new combat improvements — like stealth takedowns — and weapon customization. 2033‘s cinematics have been redone and are now presented in first-person perspective.

With the added horsepower and memory of new-generation consoles, Metro 2033 is also getting more level detail in Redux. The game will feature day and night cycles, and levels will boast greater visual fidelity. Some have even been expanded or connected; the “Dead City” section in Metro 2033, which was originally spread across two levels, will be a single level in the remaster.

Based on the gameplay demo of Metro 2033 Redux that we saw, the game generally looks brighter, exposing more detail in each level but “without losing that soulful, mournful edge that the fans really liked,” Beynon said. “[4A] has put a huge focus on lighting.”

The Redux version of Metro: Last Light is also getting a graphical facelift — though it’s less extreme — and a handful of new gameplay improvements. Players will be able to check their watch and inventory, two fan-requested features. The Redux package will also include all of Last Light‘s downloadable content.

Each title can be played in one of two difficulty modes: Survival or Spartan. Survival is modeled after Metro 2033, having more limited supplies and ammunition, slower reload speeds and tougher enemy AI. Spartan makes the games more action-oriented and gives players more resources, in the style of Metro: Last Light.

Both titles will also support Ranger Mode, the option that strips out Metro’s HUD and enforces “hardcore rules.”

The two Metro titles will be sold individually as downloads for $24.99 each, and Deep Silver will release them bundled on disc for $49.99. Expect the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One versions to hit this summer, with dedicated Linux, Mac and SteamOS versions to follow in the coming months.

Beynon said the console versions are expected to run at 60 frames per second. The PS4 version will run at 1080p resolution, with the Xbox One running at 900p.

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