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4chan Group Makes Dating Sim About Disabled Girls – Isn’t In Bad Taste

4chan has developed a game about dating disabled girls – but it actually might surprise you a little bit.

When a sketch by doujin artist RAITA was posted to 4chan’s /a/ board that suggested characters for a fictional dating sim about disabled girls, many of the board’s users wanted the game to be real so badly that they decided ‘hey, let’s make it ourself!’ They formed 4 Leaf Studios.

This was over a decade ago.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘4chan making a game? There’s no way they have that kind of attention span.’ Well, it took years, but Katawa Shoujo has finally been released. While most people associate 4chan with tasteless memes and shock humor, the only real shocking thing about Katawa Shoujo is that it’s actually pretty good.

I’m currently giving the game a chance, myself, and even as someone who’s new to playing this genre of games, I’m quite impressed. While I was initially worried that 4chan are the very last people you want handling a game that deals with disability, it all actually seems to be in good taste as far as a dating sim goes. In fact, so far it doesn’t even look like the girl’s disabilities are a big deal – it’s just a part of life. It actually seems sincere.

Regardless of the content, though, Katawa Shoujo is an aesthetically pleasing and well written game right off the bat – so if you’re over 18 (if you’re under age or just don’t want to see the erotic stuff, you can turn it off) and want to check it out yourself, the game is available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

One thing can be said, however – this game is going to cause a lot of great discussion.

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