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5 Open Source Android Games worth Trying Out

The Android Marketplace offers a variety of games to choose from. Even though many of those games are absolutely free, only a handful of them are open source. While that may not bother many Android users, there are a lot of FOSS enthusiasts who love to have everything that’s open source. So, whether you’re an open source fanatic, or a FOSS purist, here are 5 great open source games that you can try out on your Android device.

Vector Pinball: Vector Pinball by Dozing Cat Software is an open source pinball game that uses simple vector graphics. For all those pinball wizards out there, this game offers a realistic experience as it uses a physics library for accurate simulation. Though it’s recommended to have a fast device, the game runs perfectly fine on older devices too. Vector Pinball is completely free and can be downloaded from Android marketplace.

Download : Vector Pinball

Andoku Sudoku: Love to keep your brain in shape? Then why not give it a little exercise with this open source Sudoku app? Andoku Sudoku is an open source Sudoku puzzle game for Android offering over 10 different game variations to keep you hooked. For the noobs, pros and everyone in between, there are 5 difficulty levels per game variation. Moreover, there are around 200 puzzles per game variation which makes this game very engaging. Features like auto-save, statistics, puzzle timer and undo/redo put this game a notch above other Sudoku games out there. Andoku Sudoku is completely free, so go ahead, download it, and start racking that little brain.

Download : Andoku Sudoku

Open Sudoku: Yes, we’ve another Sudoku game in the list. Open Sudoku is an open source Sudoku puzzle game for Android. It comes preloaded with 90 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels; however, for those insatiable Sudoku addicts, there’s an option to download more puzzles from the internet. Unlike the aforementioned Andoku Sudoku, Open Sudoku doesn’t come with many bells and whistles. But, it’s perfect for folks who’re looking for something simple and easy to use. Moreover, you can create your own puzzles too, which makes this the best app for Sudoku fanatics. Open Sudoku is free and is rated 4 ½ stars in the app marketplace.

Download : Open Sudoku

Dark Knight: Dark Knight is an open source chess game specifically designed for Honeycomb tablets. This free application comes with a simple 2D interface and multiple levels of difficulty. Licensed under GPL V3, Dark Knight also offers users to play against each other using Bluetooth. Based on the DroidFish and Stockfish engine, this game is completely free and is available for download from the Android app store.

Download : Dark Knight

Andor’s Trail: Andor’s Trail is a fantasy dungeon crawler RPG game for Android. This open source game starts off with you, the hero, who lives with his/her brother in a small village. When your brother Mikhail disappears, you set out to find out the truth behind it. In your journey, you battle fierce monsters, find treasures, solve quests and do everything you do in an amazing RPG. Despite being so awesome, the game is still in development; so, do expect to encounter some unexpected bugs and unfinished maps. I played the game for a while and it looks quite stable, and also, the game has gotten some great reviews in the marketplace, so it’s definitely worth a shot. Andor’s Trail is completely free and open source so it would be great if you could give the developer some feedback. Even though this game isn’t finished yet, I’d rate it one of the best free RPG games I’ve tried on the platform so far.

Download : Andor’s Trail

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