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6waves Lolapps Announces a $10 Million Social and Mobile Gaming Fund – Mobile Game Development

6waves Lolapps, a leading global developer and publisher of social games, today announced a $10 million fund to invest in mobile and social game development talent. The 6L Fund was created to drive the industry towards delivering new and unexpected gaming experiences.

“There are game teams at all stages in the creative process that have fresh and potentially groundbreaking ideas,” said Jim Ying, SVP of Publishing at 6waves Lolapps. “With the capital and the resources that only 6waves Lolapps can deliver, they could help shape the future of social gaming.”

The 6L Fund was created to give the world’s best and brightest independent mobile and social game developers’ access to funds to drive the next-generation of social and mobile games. 6L Fund participants will also gain access to 6waves Lolapps’ suite of publishing capabilities and developer services, including:

Cross promotion;

Funded User Acquisition;

Product Management;



And the FLISO Game Engine.

“The 6L Fund not only marks our commitment to the global game development community, it also signals our expansion into mobile games.” said Rex NG, CEO of 6waves Lolapps. “We are tremendously successful in distributing games on social networks and can have a similar impact on mobile platforms, where discovery has become a life or death issue for developers.”

With a track record of reaching more than 40 million monthly active users (MAU) on social networks around the world, 6waves Lolapps will soon expand its business and leverage its expertise to develop and publish mobile games. More information will be announced in the coming months.

Starting on Tuesday, September 27th developers can visit to submit their applications for review.

In July 2011, 6waves Inc., a leading international publisher and developer of social gaming applications and Lolapps, a recognized leader in social game development announced their definitive merger agreement, creating one of the largest networks of social gaming applications on the web.

6waves Lolapps is a leading global developer and publisher of social games with offices in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Every month we attract over 40 million users to our games. 6waves Lolapps’ publishing helps independent developers grow their games’ audiences and improve their performance in the market through a broad range of services. 6waves Lolapps’ games studios are a recognized leader in social game development, and the creator of the hit title Ravenwood Fair. For more information visit or

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