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88 Heroes 2D platformer delayed until later 2016

88 Heroes 2D platformer delayed until later 2016 linux mac pc

Video game publisher Rising Star Games and game developer #BitmapBureau have delayed the #release of the 2D platformer 88 Heroes for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The details in the video below seem to imply that part of the games source code has been shared online. Which would indeed upset development.


  • Built with the “Super House of Dead Ninjas” game engine, 88 Heroes will be more expansive and feature even more variety in gameplay
  • The game will be developed in Open FL, targeting PC, Mac, Linux and eventually consoles
  • Steam API integration – Cloud saving, achievements, trading cards and leaderboards
  • The hero and room order will be randomly generated with each play, meaning that players will always face a fresh challenge
  • Hundreds of rooms across multiple areas to conquer with fearsome boss encounters
  • Integrated level-editor allows players to upload their own room designs to Steam Workshop to share with the community
  • 88 unique playable characters! Never seen before! Never done before! NEVER AGAIN!!
  • Imagine every 2D action-platformer you’ve ever played rolled into one…AND THEN SOME!
  • Slick retro (eighty) 8-bit look and ‘80s inspired chip-tune soundtrack.
  • Watch the action from Dr.H8’s lair and watch him try to thwart your plans, drink coffee, go for toilet breaks and berate his accident prone henchmen!
  • Bags of in-game humour, dialogue and cutscenes.
  • Did we already say?…88 HEROES!! Just imagine drawing all that!?(Poor artists…)

For more inspiration, follow the ever-growing assembly of reveals for 88 Heroes on Twitter. And, watch the latest trailer on YouTube.

Developed by Bitmap Bureau and published by Rising Star Games, 88 Heroes will release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A target release date of August 8th 2016 was scheduled, now delayed without a confirmed release date or further details.

For more information on 88 Heroes , please visit the official site.


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