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A Bad Game of Football out this month

 a bad game of football soccer action game out this month for linux mac windows pc

A Bad Game of Football soccer action game out this month for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the wacky creativity of developer Studio Gauntlet. Coming soon to Steam Early Access soon.

A Bad Game of Football is a bloody, unrealistic football game. One that is also inspired by British history and classic RTS games. Due to release onto Steam Early Access, September 27th.

Despite featuring ruthless sliding tackles and dynamic pitch destruction. There is also a disturbing amount of blood and severed limbs. Since A Bad Game Of Football is actually a morally superior alternative to actual modern football. Due to be a novel and light hearted take on football. Then capturing that good feeling of simply hanging out with friends. As well as kicking ball and stepping on a landmine every once in a while.

A Bad Game Of Football is playable online in 1v1 competitive matches. The player takes control of 3 little LADS that make up their team. The goal is now to kick, tackle or air-strike your way to victory. Doing so by getting the ball into the net more than your opponent. The game features a selection of totally unofficial. As well as unusual football arenas (read more about them in the ROADMAP-section of this very serious and official press release).

A Bad Game Of Football | Announcement (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

In each A Bad Game Of Football game, the players can choose from a roster of coaches. Due to spice things up with buffs and unique abilities for your team. We aim to ship the Early Access with 3 arenas. 2 of them are already done. “Ye Olde Mat” is a standard football grass pitch featuring a overzealous referee. “No Man’s Land” a World War One inspired mud pitch featuring land mines. “The Enchanted Woods”, a three lane fantasy field featuring twists yet to be announced.

The Early Access will also ship with 3 coaches. Such as Pacifist Gym Teacher, allowing your LADS to sprint and jump. Also a WW1 General with access to air-strikes. Plus Merlin, Summoner of The Flaming Infernoball.

During the course of A Bad Game Of Football Early Access, expect the UI to change. With feedback systems to improve and technical stuff to increase its level of technical stability. The arenas are subject to change. Plus the coaches potential victims of balancing tweaks. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

When the game is technically stable and looks the part, it will release fully. Beyond this point, new sets of arenas and coaches will be coming. While adding depth and possibly making social commentary on current (or historical) world events.

A Bad Game Of Football soccer action will be available on Steam Early Access. Doing so at a price of $9.99 USD / £7.19 / 9,99€, starting September 27th. The Full Release is expected some time in Q1 2023. Upon full release, the price of the full game will increase to $14.99 USD / £11.39/ 12,49€. The game is playable on Windows out of the box, with support for Linux and Mac planned shortly after.

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