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A Farewell to Arms the final update releases

a farewell to arms the final update releases for enter the gungeon linux mac windows games

A Farewell to Arms the final update for Enter the Gungeon releases in Linux, Mac, Window games. Dodge Roll Games also celebrate their three year anniversary. Which includes a sale on Steam and GOG.

Since A Farewell to Arms is here. All thanks to the Gungeon masters of Dodge Roll Games. This is the final update for Enter the Gungeon. Also the final, goodbye, expansion. Which also extends and further refines the original game. Including new features and variety.
For the first time since the release of the base game. Player take control of two new secret characters. The randomized Paradox and the [REDACTED]. Experienced Gungeoneers will also explore the new secret area. Since it is full of new enemies. Facing off against a unique new boss. And go nuts with the community inspired Rainbow Mode.

Enter the Gungeon: A Farewell to Arms Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

A Farewell to Arms update brings a first to Enter the Gungeon. Battle tested Gungeoneers will tons of new guns. Also dozens of new items too. Additional features, tweaks and fixes. So the player can feel “more powerful, more often”. Which started in the previous update.

Enter the Gungeon initially released on April 5, 2016. While receiving massive fanfare. And an overnight sensation. A smartly designed and challenging ‘bullet hell dungeon crawler’. Finishing off with A Farewell to Arms.
Dodge Roll’s debut game saw releases on Xbox One. And on Nintendo Switch as well. All in all reaching nearly 2.5 million copies sold. Which stretches across all four platforms.
Since the launch three years ago. Enter the Gungeon has had three massive expansions. These were always free. Hence Supply Drop, Advanced Gungeons and Draguns. And now the final update, A Farewell to Arms.

So if you do not own Enter the Gungeon. Now is the time. The games discounted 50% until April 8th. Available on both Steam and GOG. Supporting Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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