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A hidden release date for Hotline Miami 2 may in this tweet


#HotlineMiami2WrongNumber might just have a release date. At lease we think.

The following #tweet from the Hotline Miami account could mean anything, right?

According to people on social media and forums, either they have worked out the puzzle or called the number, what it means is “March 10″. Linux Game News called the number, which outlines the statement “march into the future”. So the subsequent works for what it was intended for. Let us know if you have any luck, or can suggest an alternate meaning.

Assuming the number does point to Match 10, we do not see why Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games would be hiding a date in plain sight in this way if it were not the release date for Hotline Miami 2.

Then again, the date may not apply to all platforms; Hotline Miami 2 is coming to Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, PS4 and Vita.


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