A new voxel MMORPG Untold Universe now on Steam Greenlight


A new MMORPG is in #development, and this one is not about dragons and magic; Untold Universe takes the players to space to explore a vast, uncharted expanse and colonize it. Developed by Fenris Lair Studio for PC, Mac and #Linux, Untold Universe is a new MMORPG that will let thousands of players shape and colonize a huge and uncharted universe. Players can land on planets of different types, then explore and exploit them. They can gather resources and use them to build anything from factories to spaceships then sell or use them to their own benefit.

Fenris Lair Studio, the French indie team of five, are building the voxel game. Everyone starts out as a fresh pioneer, equipped only with a Valhalla Digital starter pack, bent on discovering the Border, a ripe, new world to adventure in.

Untold Universe doesn’t tell the player what to do or set him or her in any particular role. The player is free to get better at the job chosen, ranging from an industrial mogul, a mine operator, pilot, pirate, or farmer. The game’s world is made up of cubes that can be harvested as resources, which are then used to build a variety of structures, such as factories and spaceships; those will be key in defending, travelling, and invading other planets. Designs can be traded with other players, and other players can give each other jobs to fulfil virtually any task available in the game.

Recently, Untold Universe entered closed alpha. Fenris Lair Studio is eager for player feedback and plans on expanding the games’ features as the fan base expands, making this a critical stage for future development. The next feature is up to the players’ vote. At the end of this summer, they’re hoping to enter a Beta stage of development.

Check out the Untold Universe‘s website to see if you can get into the alpha, shaping not only the world in the game, but the game itself, as the team is receptive to feedback. You can also help the developers by voting on Steam Greenlight campaign.

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