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A preview and hands on for Not a Hero

You are not a hero. You might be my hero, but you are not a hero, just a regular person. The same goes for the main character of #Roll7′s Not a Hero.

You will recognize Roll7 as the creators of indie skateboarding title #OlliOlli. They are back with a new title.

As the campaign manager for BunnyLord, an anthopomorphic rabbit/mayoral candidate from the future. He needs someone to clean up the city and take care of competition, and the responsibility falls on you.

After selecting from a variety of non-heroic characters with different abilities, it’s time to start cleaning up.

Not A Hero is a “2 1/4D cover-based shooter,” and it’s tons of fun. Death is swift and frequent in Not a Hero, and not just for your enemies. Each stage is its own challenge, and one you’ll want to go back to over and over again.

The mechanics are simple – move, shoot, reload, and slide. Shooting and snapping in and out of cover feel good. The art direction is Atari-inspired without sacrificing any style. This is a cool, bloody game. The controls are already well-tuned for the keyboard, though we can’t wait to try it out with my preferred method, a controller.

Music is a crucial element of the game. The team isn’t talking about the artists that will appear on the soundtrack, but Simon Bennett, director at Roll7, says that the decision-making process is one that involves the whole team to ensure the music is perfect.

Not a Hero is hitting PC, Mac and Linux in early 2015, and Roll7 plans to hit PlayStation 4 and PS Vita a bit later.

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