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A snowplowing video game Dawn of the Plow comes to Linux, Mac, Windows

Dawn of the Plow, a video game about plowing snow, is available now for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android.

In #developer Dan #FitzGerald’s self-described “goofy side-project,” players clear roads and avoid crashing into cars on their way home. Plow, keep safe, and you’ll increase your score.

Dawn of the Plow is a “spiritual companion” to FitzGerald’s other game, the Dog Sled Saga. According to Dawn of the Plow‘s official site, its month-long development was designed in part to help with the Dog Sled Saga.

“I have had the idea that it would be nice to whip up a small scoped game as a ‘practice release’ before Dog Sled Saga so we could get the kinks out of the process,” FitzGerald wrote, “so I allowed myself to indulge and leave Lisa (my Dog Sled Saga cohort) [and] go relatively solo for a time.”

Check out the trailer above to see Dawn of the Plow‘s snow-clearing action. It’s available for $1.99 on Google Play and for all platforms on the game’s official site.

A universal app for iOS is also in development and awaiting approval.

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