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A Third-Person Stealth Game Coming to Linux called Tangiers

Every once in a while we come across a really intriguing game that sets the stage for something new. One that will present a new dynamic and different type of adventure. Such is the case of the up and coming Tangiers from Andalusian.

What is Tangiers?

Tangiers is an atmospheric and intelligent sandbox stealth game in the spirit of Thief – inter-cut with open world exploration akin to both Shadow of the Colossusand Morrowind.


In Tangiers your character is a fragile, weakened being recently arrived in a strange world. Leaving you to explore a bleak landscape searching for pockets of urbanization to infiltrate. Sneaking in, kidnapping a target, then finding a way out. Figuring out your own path through levels, keeping to the shadows, lay traps, stalk, distract, back-stab – or with enough skill, ghost your way through without leaving a trace.

Expressing the fractured, surrealist reality of the world, the game rebuilds itself in response to your actions. In an adaptation of William Burrough’s cut-up technique, fragments of previously visited areas will become mixed with undiscovered areas, building an experience unique to each play-through. Tangiers narrative is similarly reactive, adapting to the ethical considerations of your actions.

The Game Features:

  • Tense Stealth Game-play
  • Sandbox, non linear approach to all situations.
  • Abstract approach to interactions – Eavesdrop conversations – watch the words materialise, then collect them, using them as distractions when needed.
  • World that constantly evolves in response to the player – unique with each play through.
  • Unique setting, building upon the works of 20th century avant garde – Marcel Duchamp, William Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, Throbbing Gristle amongst others.
  • Full length, dark ambient soundtrack.

What about Linux support

“A Linux build is definite – we’re using the Unity3D engine, and while they’ve only got a preview build of their Linux platform up at the moment, I’m fairly comfortable that by the time we come close to release in a years time, a full platform will be released. The popularity of Kickstarters such as Wasteland and Torment, Steam coming to Linux and the Humble Bundles gives us confidence that the vicious circle of lack of support for Linux gaming is being broken. Indeed, as support improves, we would like to envision ourselves moving to an entirely open source development base, something that I can see as a definite future possibility even with our limited technical knowledge of the platform.

The game’s been in slow development for around 6 months now – we’re at the point where all the underlying elements have come together and we can start to release regular previews of the game. The idea for the game came from my love of 20th century avant-garde, and wanting to explore many of the concepts behind it in a new medium. Equal to my love of art are the more mature game designs such as Thief – it came across as natural to bring the two together.

Given the small team, I don’t see it as a realistic possibility to bring it to consoles. We do hope that the Ouya is in a healthy state this time next year – if it is, I think that it’d be very interesting to tweak and adapt the game to suite a 10 feet away, more relaxed living room environment.”

Alex Harvey

Who are Andalusian?

Andalusian are a new, Bristol-based indie studio. There’s two of them working from a bedroom – Alex Harvey and Michael Wright. Alex is the pretentious arty one, spending most of his free time listening to odd music and wishing that he was Antonin Artaud. Michael currently lives on other people’s sofas, and is really pinning his hopes on people buying this game.
Andalusian seeks to create mature, confrontational game that take inspiration from a wider range of culture. Neither of them have created a game before, but they are very dedicated about making this one a good one.
A pretty egalitarian pair, using Open Source software in the office at every reasonable option.

The game is currently in development, with a projected release date of mid 2014.

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