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A Total War Saga: TROY – Feral puts port on hold

a total war saga: troy the games linux support has been canceled by feral so only mac and windows pc

A Total War Saga: TROY the games Linux support has been cancelled by Feral Interactive, so only Mac and Windows PC. Right when Creative Assembly announcement details for the MYTHOS content pack. All due to arrive on Steam, September 2nd.

The release of A Total War Saga: TROY on September 2nd is to be epic. Since it allows one to experience the Trojan War through a mythological prism. So you can take off on a quest where you will tame titanic beasts.
Since the battle for Troy cannot be the resolve of one man alone. then in remote parts of the kingdom, rumors circle of three ancient monsters. Such as a Winged Calamity That Causes Terror. A swaying serpent with many heads. A beast prowling in the abyss. Hunt them down, defeat them and turn the tide of war. All are available to see in the latest MYTHOS announcement trailer. Originally due to make its way onto Linux, Mac, after the Windows PC release.

A Total War Saga: TROY – MYTHOS Announcement Trailer

Well, this is the plan for A Total War Saga: TROY, until recently. Where Feral Interactive announced details stating, “the Linux port was put on hold.” Wait, what!?

Obviously, the post is a huge trigger for a lot of Linux gamers. Since the one company responsible for porting games to the platform is now putting it on hold. A Total War Saga: TROY release is not a day one port anyway. Since it’s likely about a month or more before we even get a native build. Which also loses some of the impacts of the initial launch, if we’re being honest. Seeing Feral’s one task is to work with Creative Assembly to offer a Linux build.

However, the Twitter post, this is the next level. How the company “will continue to assess the feasibility of porting games to Linux.” This makes it seem like support is coming to a bitter end. Then opting for Valve’s Proton instead of offering a native build for A Total War Saga: TROY.
Suggesting that Feral may be facing issues with Linux development not being covered by sales. A lot of that has to do with the small market share (we all know the stats). But this also depends a great deal on how long the community has to wait for a port. Let alone not having cross platform multiplayer support for some previous games, UGH!!

The outcome of Proton Support:

A Total War Saga: TROY detail aside, the one key factor here, and this is evident in many LGC email replies. Proton is becoming a developer’s excuse not to issue a native Linux port. Since its support is becoming convenient for many Windows PC games.
But every time people post comments in the Steam Discussions asking for Proton support, INSTEAD of a native Linux port, I cringe. Proton is basically the WINE API with enhancements. WINE is what we were using to play AAA games over 20 years ago.
So now, instead of native gaming evolving, community members and developers are making a full circle. Proton is not Linux gaming, it’s a workaround. This is what the Steam Deck is banking on. Let alone telling developers not to create a port.

A Total War Saga: TROY will be coming to Steam. Due to offering support for both Windows PC and then Mac. Thanks to the folks over at Feral Interactive. Linux players will have to rely on Proton. 🙁

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