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A YEAR OF SPRINGS brings its heartfelt release

a year of springs visual novel trilogy game brings its heartfelt release to linux mac windows pc

A YEAR OF SPRINGS visual novel trilogy game brings its heartfelt release to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the development and creative efforts of npckc. Now available with 100% Positive reviews on Steam and

Solo developer npckc released the visual novel trilogy A YEAR OF SPRINGS. The gameplay will also have you work through the stories of Haru, Erika, and Manami. A trio of friends steering through their feelings. While they face love, connection, and just wanting to belong.

The game is included in Tokyo Game Show’s Selected Indie Exhibit. A demo is also still available on Steam until the end of the event on October 5th. Therefore, if you have not played A YEAR OF SPRINGS, at least check out the free demo. Which does include a Linux, Mac, and Windows PC build.



  • Three visual novels with multiple endings
  • An all-new epilogue exclusive to the trilogy collection
  • Soft and cute art with a relaxing original soundtrack
  • Music player, CG gallery, and other extras

In the first A YEAR OF SPRINGS game, one night, hot springs, visit the hot springs with Haru, a young and anxious trans woman who just wants to enjoy herself on a trip with Manami but doesn’t want to cause any trouble.

Then, in the second game, last day of spring, start off the Reiwa era as Erika, a well-meaning ex-delinquent who runs into more issues than expected when trying to plan a spa day for Haru.

In the third game, spring leaves no flowers, help sheltered university student Manami think about what friendship and romance mean to her as she spends a day with Haru, Erika, and her boyfriend.

A YEAR OF SPRINGS visual novel trilogy games is available on Steam and Which is also priced at just $4.49 USD. This includes the 10% discount until October 5th. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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