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Aaru's Awakening plans to launch on Linux, Mac, and PC

Can you fling your soul at out-of-reach spaces and then use it as a teleportation anchor? Yeah, we haven’t quite mastered the technique yet either, but PS3 and PS4 owners will soon be able to live vicariously through an ape-ish creature that’s got it down pat in Aaru’s Awakening. Developer #LumenoxGames’ post on the PlayStation Blog states the puzzling platformer is set to pop into view on Sony’s consoles sometime this summer.

If you’d prefer to take this sort of experience on the go, Lumenox Games’ Johann Ingi Gudjonsson stated that the team “doesn’t see a reason not to port it over” as Aaru’s Awakening has been developed using the #Unity engine.

Key Features:

Mobility -Freedom of movement instead of limitations, teleport and charge your way to victory
The Style -All backgrounds and animations in Aaru’s Awakening are kept in a charming traditional style
The Story -The game will feature narrated cut scenes and a rich story for you to enjoy, as you embark on Aaru’s epic journey to save the world of Lumenox
The Music – Original score created by Fridfinnur Oculus, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game
Residents -Meet the inhabitants of the four unique domains. Some are peaceful while others might want to eat you
Skills -Your abilities define how well you do, however you can modify Aaru’s abilities to fit your play style

Aaru’s Awakening started as a school project for the University of Reykjavík and was greenlit on Steam in April, with plans to launch for PC, Mac and Linux.

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