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Abalon launches the Treasure Trove update

abalon launches the treasure trove game update with new content for linux mac and windows pc

Abalon launches the Treasure Trove game update with new content for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All of this excitement and innovation is thanks to the relentless imagination of D20Studios. Available with a big discount on Steam.

There is a new update for Abalon that turns gameplay up a notch. While offering new challenge modifiers, with a Treasure Trove upgrade that will make you rethink your whole strategy. Since this brings in 27 challenges, each with difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 3. Combine them all, and you get a challenge level that’s a whopping 40. They’re calling it a suicide run for Linux.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming for Abalon: the Lost Guardians challenge. Think permadeath for your guardians. Due to offering Bigger Bosses, More Minions, and the Deadly Poke of Zorro, which lets every enemy break through your armor and shields. While the No Escape challenge has got you covered – no retreats, no mercy.

Of course, bigger risks come with bigger rewards in Abalon. Turn on a challenge and watch your score skyrocket. There are also bonuses to collect. So whether you’re trying to outdo friends or just aiming for your own high score, things are a lot more interesting.

Abalon Game Trailer

They’ve also got some new gear for your Abalon heroes. It’s called the Treasure Trove and it’s packing almost 40 brand new artifacts. They each give you a special ability that could change everything about your play style. For those of you who like commanding a skeleton army, check out the Semaniels Necronomicon. With it, every enemy you defeat becomes a new skeleton warrior for your army.

They’ve even thrown in the “Weighted Die of Theron”, an artefact that will make your next dice roll a sure 20. While replacing the automatic treasure finder with new items like maps and compasses. Due to help you discover unexplored territories.

Plus, the devs kept promising those themed shops in Abalon. They’re finally here. Players will find a Satyr peddling fluffy bunnies, or a store stocked with soldiers ready to fight on your side. The thrill of exploration levels up.

Finally, our Russian friends, the latest upgrade brings full native language support.

The upgrades also squashes a few bugs and introduces some quality of life upgrades. Such as ensuring that artefact equipment cannot be removed by spells. Plus, it adds clear indicators on equipment cards to show which slot they use.

In short, this Abalon update is a real game changer. Get ready for more challenging battles, rewards, and unexpected surprises. Available on Steam, still boasting a 40% discount on Steam. Priced at $17.99 USD / £14.99 / 17,39€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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