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Abalon roguelike gets an official native build

abalon roguelike adventure game gets an official linux build with mac and windows pc

Abalon roguelike adventure game gets an official Linux build with Mac and Windows PC. All of this adventure is brought to life through the sheer passion and commitment of the team at D20Studios. Available with a discount and 91% Very Positive reviews on Steam.

Alright, this roguelike adventure is like being a chess grandmaster. But instead of ordinary chess, you’re playing magical chess on a digital board that’s a cross between Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Final Fantasy Tactics. This magical wonderland is called Abalon (formerly Summoners Fate).

The makers of Abalon, D20Studios, have just made it available for Linux and SteamOS, officially. This also means that it’ll run smoother with a drastic performance upgrade. To top it off, the developers even us a shoutout in the Steam announcement. Along with a huge thanks to Tux2, Lawford, joseph70_cole37, Scribe, and Andrew Frost from Harman. All for their help in making the Linux build possible.

At its core, Abalon is a brain teaser and an adrenaline rush at the same time. You’ve got a grid like chess, but your pieces are spell cards and they do more than just moving diagonally or in straight lines. Want to conjure a fireball or a meteor shower? Go ahead! You can even control time and space, so it’s really a game of chess on steroids.

You’re not just stuck with one character, either. Abalon offers 20 diverse characters. Ever wanted to see a druid tossing squirrels or a rat with a steampunk aesthetic that can time-travel? They’re here, along with a liche king who can call skeletons to his aid. Each of these characters use two out of five types of magic. So think about the kind of magical chaos you can create with such a variety.

Abalon Game Trailer

Not only this, but you can also recruit over 200 characters. So if you’re up for leading an army of mutant squirrels or summoning guardian angels from the heavens, Abalon has your back.

The adventure doesn’t stop there. You’re free to roam an ever-changing world in Abalon, where even a dice roll can lead to new recruits, potion brewing, or something as whimsical as a goblin birthday party. If a battle’s too tough, no problem. Take a step back, undo actions, and only face the big guys when you’re good and ready.

You’re also a deck builder in Abalon. At each campsite rest, you can retool your deck from over 400 cards. Pick two guardians to help your hero and choose up to 20 cards for your strategy. You can mix spells, additional units, and equipment cards to keep things fresh and surprising.

The Abalon characters actually look up at you, waiting for your commands. The roguelike adventure controls are a simple point and click or controller support. So you can dive into this magical world that combines the strategy of chess with the excitement of a fantasy adventure.

There is also a major update coming soon that will add Challenge Modifiers, new artifacts, and thematic shops.

Available now with official Linux support with Mac, and Windows PC. So you’re not stuck having to use Proton. Priced at $20.99 USD / £17.49 / 20,29€, including the 30% discount on Steam. The savings end on July 13th.

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