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Above Snakes wilderness survival seeks support

above snakes wilderness survival game seeks support for linux with windows pc

Above Snakes wilderness survival game seeks support for Linux with Windows PC. According to the recent developer reply from Tobias Schnackenberg. Gearing up before making its way onto Kickstarter soon.

Publisher, Crytivo, alongside developer Tobias Schnackenberg, is eager to announce that the highly anticipated tile-based survival game, Above Snakes. Due to make its way onto Kickstarter in January 2022.

According to the Steam comment from the developer, there is hope for Linux. Of course, this also means showing that Tux Love or +1.

The game will launch for Windows and (depending on the Kickstarter campaign) also on consoles. Linux is currently not planned but if there is enough demand for it, I would definitely try to make it happen!

The “definitely try” is certainly an inspiring reply for Above Snakes. A Linux support with enough demand, sure. The gameplay offers something different, a choose your own adventure survival. So you can become one with nature and survive a plague overtaking a land inspired by the Wild West. In Above Snakes you are Aiyana, a young woman whose fate lies in finding out what happened that night in Corpse Creek.


  • Isometric world made up of tiles, crafted by the player
  • Survival systems include crafting, cooking, hunting, fishing, and more
  • Base building in Above Snakes
  • Crop farming and gardening
  • Rogue-lite, long-term progression system with high replayability value
  • A fictional universe inspired by the Wild West…and zombies!
  • Complex settler and tribe conflicts

Above Snakes – Teaser Trailer

A Survival Game With a Twist
Generate your own world in-game by placing isometric tiles. So, when you reach the edge of a tile, you decide what’s next.
Make your choices carefully, since your tile placement will affect your resources available. This can also alter your chances of survival.

Brave the Wilderness
Satisfy your basic needs in Above Snakes. Such as thirst, hunger, fatigue, and sanity. Likewise, you want to protect yourself against dangerous predators. Due to things like animals, bandits or – even worse. Such as the lost souls that are walking the land.

Base Building + Farming
Invest your resources into building your own cabin. Maybe also construct a base for both defense and shelter. Sow seeds you collect throughout the world. So you can harvest the crops to increase your chances of survival.

Above Snakes wilderness survival offers something different. Due to make its way onto Windows PC, but there is hope for Linux. In the mean time, follow the Kickstarter page. As well as casting your vote for Linux support and be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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