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Abrakadaboom party game to see support

abrakadaboom party game to see support in linux windows pc games

Abrakadaboom party games now on Windows, but what about Linux support? We reached out to developer Argonauts Studios. With some good news. Which is a great game to blow of steam. Since it is in Early Access. But comes with a bomberman type feel.

So Abrakadaboom frenzied local multiplayer. With some intense battles and a few laughs too. Since facing a minor setback due to an issue beyond developer control. The party games finally available on Steam.

“We disclaim any liability for food stains. Spilled drink or any other kind of damage done to your couch. While playing Abrakadaboom!” Alex, sorcerer at Argonauts Studios.

Linux Support:

“The game is built with Unreal Engine 4, so a Linux version should be possible.
While our immediate focus is on the Early Access launch, we want to seriously study porting Abrakadaboom to other platforms, Linux included, in the future.”

So good news, Linux is seriously in the plan. But I’m also pleased to see Unreal Engine 4 being used. Since this is the more apt game engine for multiplayer games. Clearly Epic is working their magic with developers.
There is not time frame for the Linux release though. But the Early Access phase is expecting to end Q4 2019. And although untested, I’m sure Proton will off support. Check out the trailer below.

Abrakadaboom Trailer (Windows, then Linux)

Argonauts Studios wants to remind buyers. While the game is already pretty stable. It is very playable and fun, with various game modes. Such as local multiplayer and many arena’s. This is an Early Access version of the game. So there are still way more features coming.
While full release is coming at the end of the year. The Early Access period will be to add online multiplayer. With a lot and more content and improve the bots. Tweaking the game balance and of course fix the remaining bugs.


  • Local multiplayer in Abrakadaboom: Up to 4 players (human or AI). Taking place in free for all. Or team vs team battles!
  • 5 magic types each with its own environment, powers and effects.
  • 20 arenas most of them with specific hazards you can exploit to get the upper hand.
  • 4 game modes
    • Sudden death: You’ve got one life and there can be only one survivor. Be fast or the arena will try to kill you all.
    • Extra lifes: Kill, die, respawn… but not too many times!
    • Witch hunt: Hunt your friends and steal their magic wands!
    • Keep the runes: Get points by carrying runes, but be warned, they will slow you down.
  • Online multiplayer and more to be coming during early access and beyond!

Among Abrakadaboom’s various modern inspirations. Which its fast-paced, more action oriented party gameplay. Along with its engaging magical universe.

Available now on Steam Early Access. Priced at $19.99 USD on Windows PC. Plus there is a 10% discount until April 25th. The games also planned for Linux as well.

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