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ABRISS – build to destroy due to get support

abriss - build to destroy physics destruction building game due to get support for linux after windows pc

ABRISS – build to destroy physics destruction building game due to get support for Linux after Windows PC. According to recent details from developer Randwerk. Which is due to make its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

Back in September 2021, Randwerk Games releases the demo of their first game, ABRISS – build to destroy. Which is a uniquely creative atmospheric physics destruction building game. Where players build structures from parts to let them crash into your targets. You can also unlock new parts, destroy more, and witness entropy. All at its worst in digital brutalist cityscapes.

This is what caught my attention. Having played the ABRISS – build to destroy Demo via Proton (which works very well), I reached out to Randwerk. Here is their recent reply.

We will probably not have a Linux Version ready for Early Access. It’ll maybe gonna come somewhere along the way. But yeah, the Steam Deck is coming which should be a game changer for Steam on Linux systems. We’d like to see ABRISS on one some day!

The ABRISS – build to destroy developer consists of just three students. So trying to bring Linux to Early Access on day one, it’s really a lot of work. This means we can expect to see a Linux port for the Unity 3D game, somewhere in the development process. It’s also encouraging to see the developer eager to have a build hit the Steam Deck.

ABRISS – build to destroy Reveal Teaser Trailer

ABRISS – build to destroy was first revealed in June at the #PitchYaGame awards. There it could secure a place as a finalist. After the reveal, they built a community on Discord. Which also helped them develop the Demo. Then around two weeks before Demo release, the community got an early look and was able to leave feedback to the three student developers. Some of the feedback and requests from the community are now in the official demo.

The Demo features an excerpt from the Campaign as well as a Sandbox mode. Which you can play the Steam Demo via Proton 6.3-8.

ABRISS – build to destroy will be released on Steam Early Access at the end of Q1 2022. The physics destruction building will include Windows PC support. With a Linux build of the game coming later.

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