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ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN action to get support

abs vs the blood queen 2d action platformer due to get support for linux mac windows pc

ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN 2D action platformer due to get support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer BumbleBear Games. Now releasing their second game via Steam Early Access.

ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN, the first single-player Killer Queen game. Also now available in BumbleBear Games’ arcade franchise. That now unleashes tricky platforming to escape the undead hordes. Due to remain in Early Access until the developers are satisfied with the build based on community feedback.

When COVID-19 turned arcades and other Killer Queen arenas upside-down. BumbleBear Games quickly set out to create something new that brings the thrill of arcade competition.

Linux support is currently in development:

The game is made in Unity, and yes, it’s being built for Linux as well! ​We’re looking at late January, early February for the Linux build.

No word yet on when the Linux build will be available. But the Steam Early Access release is off to a slow start. Although it will be interesting to see how community feedback shapes the game. The previous title Killer Queen Black (2019) still has 96% Very Positive reviews.

Enter ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN, a procedurally generated, tough as nails retro platformer. Starring Killer Queen’s most iconic hero: Abs! Tap and flap through a series of perilous pitfalls. While competing for high scores on multiple evolving battlefields. Abs will die (a LOT) on his quest to dethrone the devious Blood Queen. The game also comes with a dynamic soundtrack and competitive leaderboards.

Seasoned Killer Queen veterans will feel at home slamming berries into Warrior gates to gain their wings. Outdoing opponents in air-to-air combat, and combining power-ups to become the Totally-Not-Busted Speed Warrior. New players can quickly learn the skills they need to survive. And those skills also translate directly between the other games in the KQ Universe.

ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN – Official Early Access Trailer

The Early Access build debuts with two worlds: The Outskirts and Hell. With more worlds, bosses, and enemies currently in development. Launch also includes Daily, Monthly, and Random challenges. With arcade style scoring and leaderboards to match. Not able to reach the high score today? ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN comes with dynamic daily leaderboards.

Games like Killer Queen live and die entirely by their community. So BumbleBear is moving AvBQ to Steam Early Access. Thanks to April’s successful Kickstarter. With continued input coming directly from their most dedicated player base. BumbleBear is committed to creating the best version of ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN possible.

“After our Kickstarter, we wanted to launch on Steam Early Access. Because we know that games like Killer Queen live and die entirely by their community,” said Josh DeBonis, president of BumbleBear Games. “Further input from our awesome dedicated player base will help with our commitment to create the best version of ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN possible.”

ABS vs THE BLOOD QUEEN 2D action platformer is available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $14.99 USD. Currently, only supports Mac and Windows PC. But a Linux build is also due to release, no ETA yet.

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