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Across the Grooves an interactive graphic novel

across the grooves an interactive graphic novel game for linux mac windows pc

Across the Grooves is a new interactive graphic novel game in development for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the award winning French developer Nova-box. Which already has a Steam page.

Across the Grooves a new narrative experience that combines music with rich storytelling. Also taking place in a universe of magic realism. Similarly, players must strum away at the strings of fate. Plucking at the boundaries of reality. All to uncovering alternate life paths.

So as a player you take on the role of Alice in Across the Grooves. A young woman who lives in the heart of Bordeaux. Alice is also in a long-term relationship. She holds down a stable office job. And likewise, owns a cushy apartment. But her life is otherwise uneventful. Until, one day, a parcel arrives. A vinyl record from Ulysse, Alice’s ex-lover.

Probably out of curiosity, she places the record on the turntable. As the needle settles into the grooves. She is therefore thrown back into her past to relive her defining moments. As a result, when she returns to the present, everything has changed.

Across the Grooves — Teaser (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

This dynamic story adventure sees players solve a musical mystery. Tracking Ulysse across Europe. Working to uncover the origins of that magical record. Maybe Alice will rediscover herself along the way.

Illustrated by beautiful, hand-crafted drawings. All backed by a dynamic, mood-adapting score. Across the Grooves will stick in your head long after playing. While you explore alternate realities and feel the beat of European cities. As you travel through time and across the world. Shape your own destiny with a range of branching dialog options. Working through many alternate realities by playing through again.

Across the Grooves is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in early 2020. Interactive graphic novel is launching in both English and French. You can Wishlist it on Steam now.

Right now, Nova-box’s other amazing games are on sale. Along the Edge on Steam and Itch. Also Seers Isle on Steam and Itch.

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