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Action RPG Victor Vran gets full release later this month for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Victor Vran, the isometric action RPG set in the kingdom of Zagoravia is getting ready to #leave Steam #EarlyAccess. The title will launch on #Linux, Mac and Windows PC, officially, July 24, according to developer Haemimont Games.

The recent update on Steam shows “Content Complete” with the following updates:

  • Full Story
  • All cutscenes
  • German localization
  • English and German voiceovers
  • New Dungeon: The Shunned Manor
  • New Boss Fight: Lord Gabriel
  • Lots of new Legendary Weapons – double the existing amount
  • New Item: Gift Box
  • Hard Mode: Higher monster difficulty; all 5 Hexes permanently turned on
  • Elite Challenges: A new set of challenges made available after the story has been completed
  • Balanced level rewards; added Gift Boxes in rewards
  • Renown levels grant Gift Boxes as reward
  • Balanced Boss loot
  • Decreased duration of Weakness condition inflicted by some monsters
  • Shotgun damage increased, Aimed Shot damage multiplier increased
  • Lightning Gun damage increased

Today’s Steam Early Access update has introduced the grand finale to the main campaign and the story. Not to mention other new features including new weapons, Elite Challenges and Hard Mode.

Victor Vran is currently available on Steam Early Access and you can check it out here. And make sure to follow Victor Vran on Facebook and Twitter.