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Action strategy OBEY available FREE this weekend for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


OBEY is an extremely #asymmetrical #multiplayer game still in Early Access.  Similar to an #RTS, except your units are other players that are all tiny cute baby bunnies, who are also untrustworthy scumbags who will stab you in the back first chance they get.

OBEY is a unique multiplayer action game where winning means bribing and coercing your opponents into helping you win, and making themselves lose. To win, a player must make the most money by the end of the round. To make the most money, you have to take command of the giant robot by walking into a door at the base of the robot. The player in the robot can easily kill any player he sees trying to approach (IF he sees them). However, the game is dominated by the players who learn that it is not always in their interest to simply kill the approaching players but instead coerce opponents to do their bidding… and that’s where the game gets interesting!


  • Unique asymetrical multiplayer gameplay mechanics
  • Social and Psychological King-of-the-hill gameplay
  • Stealth Gameplay mechanics
  • Supports user created maps
  • A buffet of items to creatively influence or trick opponents
  • A complex world that allows for almost unlimited forms of deception
  • Emergent gameplay springs from player psychology and self interest
  • Explosive effects
  • Really cool robot to control and explode bunnies with
  • No internet connection required with local LAN support
  • No micro-transactions, no BS, just a solid game.
  • DRM Free

Dan Dez, developer behind the early access indie title OBEY for Linux, Mac and Windows PC would like players to try out the full game, FREE.
From Friday, November 20th to Sunday night, OBEY will be available for FREE download on to anyone who wants to play it