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Adore monster taming action to get support

adore monster taming action game to get support for linux windows pc early access

Adore a monster taming roguelite game for Windows PC is also coming to Linux. Thanks to a recent reply from developer Cadabra Games. Which is currently in Early Access on Steam. And the reviews are a solid 90% Very Positive.

Adore available and doing well on Early Access. But it’s odd, there are no requests for a Linux release. So we still reached out for details.

We use Unity as our engine.

Yes, we plan on launching the final version of the game on Linux as well.

Clearly it’s only been over a month since the release. And the full release is not due for roughly a year. But, since Unity is being used for Adore. This means hope for Proton going forward. At least until close to the monster taming roguelite hits launch.

Adore is now available

Watching the trailer for Adore. Gameplay looks quite smooth and the character agility is surprising. Which is impressive for an Early Access game. While allowing the player to combine different types of creatures. So you can randomly generated synergy system. This will make every Run feel fresh and unique.
Lukha, an apprentice of Adorer and the main character for the game. Who also creates a strong bond with each creature. Demanding the player to be careful regarding the timing of their attacks. With every animal in Gaterdrik having different Special Abilities. This is where you have to decide when to use the special ability. Since using it at the right moment can be the difference between winning or losing a fight.

Adore has been in development for 2 years and 3 months. This is a monster taming action roguelite. Where the player is able to summon and control multiple creatures. So they can fight by your side in a simple and innovative way.

Adore monster taming is available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $9.99 USD for Windows PC. But due to release on Linux at launch. And of course there are free content updates periodically every 4 to 6 weeks.

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