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Adventure Game Sword 'N' Board coming to Linux, Mac, PC, and Android

There are always new and interesting games hitting the crowdfunding scene. Sword ‘N’ Board from Something Wicked Art comes with not only an interesting and visually impressive world to explore. But its developed with real-life experience from Big Fish Games. We have always wondered what would happen if one of those developers got loose and went out on their own. Well it’s happened

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Sword ‘N’ board is a puzzle oriented adventure game that is evidently years in the making! In Sword ‘N’ Board you play as Sidd, a kid with an active imagination! You will battle your way through imaginary enemies, cardboard forests, dark pillow fort dungeons and solve challenging puzzles in order to find pieces of your lost video game console!

A lot of more modern adventure games have really taken to being super tutorial driven, showing the player exactly everything that needs to be done. Most modern adventure games no longer reward exploration, or let you try things for yourself, which is definitely something missed in quite a few AAA titles.

Back in the early days of gaming, finding that secret room you had no idea was there, unless you did something like moved a rock by accident, or solved that puzzle in that far off corner of the map. It felt good! So rewards felt like rewards, accomplishments the player had to work to find, never given to you at a steady pace because “people like rewards!”. Game designers seem to undermine their players rather than giving you the choice. This is where Sword ‘N’ Board aims to change all that, bringing back the days of old skool gaming and giving you, the player, choice to explore a vivid world with hidden secrets and rewards. Words cannot explain what your pledge will create, it’s amazing.

What your money will go towards:

100% reached

  • Added production values (animations, particle and sprite effects, animatics, dungeons, added monsters and enemies)
  • Bring the game to iOS through the Mac App Store.

Everything over our funding goal will go to

  • Promotion of the game, such as getting to show at Pax Prime (Since Robert Busey is a Seattle resident) as part of the Indie Megabooth, and Pax East + Travel
  • Take the game to GDC + Travel
  • Acquire PS3 and hopefully PS4 Development kit expertise to export to Sony Consoles.
  • Adding Multiplayer to the game!
amazing adventure game sword n board demo for windows

Play the demo here: Sword ‘N’ Board Demo (Windows)

Find Sword ‘N’ Board on Facebook.  

Check out the Sword ‘N’ Board Development blog.

Find Sword ‘N’ Board on Kicking It Forward. Something Wicked Art will donate 5% of their finished product profits back into other Kickstarter projects. A great way to bring creative ideas forward by helping other crowdfunding campaigns achieve their goals.

amazing adventure game sword n board screenshots
amazing adventure game sword n board screenshots

Check out Sword ‘N’ Board on Kickstarter

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