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Adventure in Aellion upcoming open world RPG

adventure in aellion upcoming open world rpg for linux mac windows pc

Adventure in Aellion a new upcoming open world RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer The Game Production Company. Who also just announced their debut title on Steam.

Journey to the world of Aellion in this fantasy playground. Which also includes a seamless drop-in drop-out multiplayer. Adventure in Aellion is an exciting tale to uncover. While you explore a vast world of puzzles, dungeons and quests. Waiting for a lone adventurer – or a party of explorers – to uncover.

Alongside a full announcement trailer. The Game Production Company have also announced that an early demo. The games going to be playable at EGX in London this month. Available from the 17th – 20th October 2019.

Adventure In Aellion Teaser

The trailer showcases the bright, colourful world in Adventure in Aellion. Also featuring the diverse cast of characters. The art style is fairly simple. But that drop-in drop-out open world levels up the casual co-op and multiplayer gameplay. Which is also impressive for an Unreal Engine 4 game, that’s NOT a battle royale.

When asked about the inspiration for Adventure in Aellion. Game Production Company Director Luke O’Donoghue said: “I’ve always wondered about the lack of cooperative adventure games. Where you could be exploring a dungeon or climbing a mountain. And friends can drop in and join you.”

“The idea as a player really appealed to me. So we decided to make one ourselves!”

Regarding a core motivation behind Adventure in Aellion‘s development. He continues: “It’s important for us to deliver a complete experience to the player. Where they aren’t distracted with thoughts of having to pay extra to unlock more content.”

“In the world of Aellion you progress by discovering on your own. Or work with your friends.”

Adventure in Aellion open world RPG is due to release February 2020. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
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