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Adventure in the 2nd Dimension is out now

adventure in the 2nd dimension positively playful plaformers game bundle launches with linux and proton via windows pc

Adventure in the 2nd Dimension Positively Playful Plaformers game bundle launches with Linux and Proton support via Windows PC. Thanks to the work of the Humble Bundle team. Available as a pay what you want deal with a minimum.

Embarking on an adventure through the vibrant and imaginative realms of 2D platformers in Adventure in the 2nd Dimension Positively Playful Plaformers. These games are due to bring a sense of joy and challenge as you navigate through various worlds. Let’s delve into a selection of these offerings and understand what makes each one unique. And also how they contribute to a worthy cause when you choose to acquire them.

What’s in the bundle:

Super Bunny Man presents a quirky and engaging universe where you control a heroic rabbit. The key to success in this world is mastering the art of movement. As you traverse the levels, you’ll find that momentum and precision are your best allies. You’ll leap and hop, using physics to your advantage. Sometimes even comedy ensues from the unusual results of your actions. It’s due to be a test of skill and patience as you journey through time and space. Thanks to the Adventure in the 2nd Dimension Positively Playful Plaformers, you will laugh while you take on the trials with the native Linux build.

Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends turns the act of climbing a mountain into a social and satisfying feat. You and your friends will find yourselves in fits of both frustration and laughter. Since you will use a pogo stick to ascend harsh terrain. It’s also a game that bonds players through shared difficulty. Celebrating small victories becomes a communal joy.

Webbed invites you to see the world through the eyes of a small spider. This title stands out by transforming the simple concept of web-slinging into a form of art. You’ll work through a wilderness with speed and grace. While solving puzzles and making new friends along the way. It’s a showcase of how a simple mechanic can be expanded into an enthralling experience.

What’s in the Adventure in the 2nd Dimension Positively Playful Plaformers bundle

  • Super Bunny Man (native Linux)
  • Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends (with Proton) – Verified
  • Webbed (with Proton) – Verified
  • Hoa (with Proton) – Verified
  • One Hand Clapping (with Proton) – Verified
  • Will You Snail? (with Proton) – Verified
  • Toodee & Topdee (with Proton) – Verified
  • Minute of Islands (with Proton)

Adventure in the 2nd Dimension Positively Playful Plaformers also comes with titles like Hoa and One Hand Clapping. Since they offer more serene experiences. Hoa features stunning, hand-painted visuals and a soothing soundtrack. One that invites you to lose yourself in its beauty. One Hand Clapping, on the other hand, literally gives you a voice in the game world. It’s a unique title that uses sound and song to solve puzzles and progress. Pushing the boundaries of traditional mechanics.

By opting to invest $10 or more, not only do you gain access to this diverse title. They are valued at up to $119 USD in total. Plus you also have the chance to support a noble cause. The platform lets you to decide how much you wish to contribute, with the option to enhance your contribution to unlock further content. Your purchase is an act of charity, aiding the efforts of the World Central Kitchen in their mission. Aiming to provide meals in the wake of disasters.

Platform Support:

Furthermore, the convenience factor is big, as all Adventure in the 2nd Dimension Positively Playful Plaformers titles are redeemable on Steam for Windows with full Proton support, and one with a native Linux and Mac build. The decision of where the funds go is in your hands: you can opt to support the publishers or direct funds to the World Central Kitchen. If the platform has impressed you, they also accept tips as a token of appreciation for their service.

In summary, this collection of platformers offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Going from the exhilarating to the serene. All while contributing to a cause that extends beyond the digital world. It’s a chance to indulge in your passion and, at the same time, make a difference in the real world. Available as a pay what you want deal.

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