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Adventurers Wanted releases for Pathway

adventurers wanted update eleases for pathway on linux mac windows pc

Adventurers Wanted free update releases for Pathway on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing work of developer Robotality. Which is now live on Humble StoreSteam and GOG.

Adventurers Wanted is a major free update Pathway. To also be completely honest, it includes A LOT of changes and additions. More than what is outlined since our original article.
While Steam reviews are also sitting at 62%. So these changes will level up your gameplay.

Listed below are the most important changes. But if you want the full changelog in the forums, check it out here.
If you haven’t played Pathway in a while. This is a great time to give it another go.

Adventurers Wanted Update:

  • New Abilities
    There is a total of 18 new combat abilities in the game. These abilities from Adventurers Wanted add many new ways to interact with enemies and allies in combat. For a full list of abilities please see this forum post above.
  • Reworked Skill Trees
    Every character has received a new skill tree. You’ll notice that each character now lists an ability at level 1. This is the character’s starting ability. You will also be able to unlock up to 2 more abilities for each character. These reworked skill trees really help in underlining each character’s uniqueness.
  • New and reworked events
    We have added a sizeable amount of new events to the Adventurers Wanted update. There are many new combat arenas (ex. airfield, farms, etc.) providing lots of new combat variety. In addition to this, we’ve also added dozens of adventure specific events. Providing flavour that is unique to each adventure. We’ve also reworked many existing events to provide more interesting choices, rewards and serious consequences.
  • New Consumables System
    Instead of stacking up consumable items like medkits, repair kits or grenades you now collect a new resource called Supplies. When you use a consumable, one supply resource is consumed. Just like other resources such as fuel and ammo you begin each adventure with a starting amount. Supplies are available as loot or bought from merchants. You still need a medkit item equipped in order to heal your team however!
  • New Combat Modes
    Advantage, Blindsided and Tumult. Each combat mode tweaks how the combat begins. In Blindsided for example, the enemy surprised you. Your squad begins the combat with a panic penalty which only permits one action in the first turn.

Official Pathway Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

  • Game Rebalanced
    There are tweaks to all enemies, characters and items. The money economy also an improvement with the Adventurers Wanted update. In general Pathway should feel much more balanced now. We’ve also added more ways to customize difficulty such as the option to make combat groups larger or smaller.
  • New Armor system
    Armors now work as a direct damage reduction. If you have an armor with 10 AR, you will receive -10 reduction to your incoming damage. As a consequence you will almost always receive a bit of damage to your health. Armor generally receives damage with every hit. How much damage an armor receives is determined by the weapon’s “Armor Shredding”.

Artifacts and Items

  • New Item System
    The general item system has received an overhaul in Adventurers Wanted. Items now follow a level progression. Each higher level being stronger than the previous one. Within each level you may find rare, epic or even legendary variations which will yield additional boosts and benefits. The main reason for this change is to allow a more even progression through the game without having to rely on legendary items. Rare, epic and legendary items still give significant improvements. But are no longer a requirement to finish the game. This removes a lot of the previous RNG-based grinding.
  • Artifacts
    Unique (and very rare) items that can only be found once per profile. Artifacts can be put into a character’s off-hand equipment slot. Some of them yield stat boosts or open up event options whilst others may even unlock new abilities. It’s worth noting that Artifacts can be used by all characters and don’t require a skill to use.
  • New Languages
    Chinese and Japanese translations are now part of Pathway in addition to the already existing translations in German and French.

As a major free update for Pathway. Adventurers Wanted also bring a ton of changes. Probably more than expected. Hence the major update.
If you don’t own the game. Priced at $15.99 USD. Available on Humble StoreSteam and GOG.

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