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The Adventures of Capitano Navarro is coming

the adventures of capitano navarro is coming to linux mac windows games

Since #TheAdventuresofCapitanoNavarro is an action dungeon-crawler for Linux, Mac, #Windows. Hence this top-down crawler #games a blend of comics with the Renaissance theater. While exploring a unique but intriguing environment. All coming to Steam in two weeks, which is not over-priced.

So The Adventures of Capitano Navarro gameplay has the play take on a pirate on the sea of dreams. While navigating on a quest to save Verdefolhas, the fairy queen. All from the terrible Buffoon, who seeks to create a chimerical empire in the oniric lands. Yet in order to complete his mission, CAPITANO NAVARRO will need to face the challenges. While also taking on enemies, traps and puzzles of this psychedelic world.

The Adventures of Capitano Navarro Features:

  • Single Player:
    Play with Capitano Navarro in a direct old school game style. No wasting time with customizations and options character. Go to live directly a linear story!
  • Easy to play:
    Therefore do not waste time with long tutorials and complex commands. All you need is the arrows, space to jump and “X” to attack. You can make too a special attack with “Z”.
  • Permanent Death?
    Your objective is find the Fairie Queen Verdefolhas. Once you are in a dream world, you could not die, but you can lost yourself in a Sea of Dreams. You could choose diferent paths to go if you get down in a Game Over Level. Yes, the Game Over is a level, it make the game continuous without boring interruptions.
  • No Text Interruptions:
    Working with the dinamic read of the comics, all dialogs, informations, texts and onomatopoeias make part of the gameplay, like visual elements, giving you a the possibilities to percept it and read or ignore it.
  • Dungeon Crawler with hidden levels:
    If you find the Fairie Queen Verdefolhas, not necessarily you have ended the game. Some levels could be find if some puzzles has been resolved.
  • Working in progress:
    Even if the game has finished, new levels, paralels stories, new characters, features and maintenances will be updated. So your sugestions can bring new updates for the game.

So clearly the gameplay looks intriguing. Yet I can’t help but want to explore the top-down dungeon-crawler. The world and the main character remind me somewhat of Captain Jack Sparrow. Since the whole experience has that vibe.

The Adventures of Capitano Navarro will hit Steam with the price of just $2.99 USD. Along the games 15% discount for the first week across Linux, Mac and Windows.

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