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Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon gets retro

adventures of dakoo the dragon classic platformer game due to arrive on linux and windows pc

Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon classic platformer game due to arrive on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the dedication of the developer Domino Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

The classic platformer Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon focuses heavily on replayability. While taking inspiration and paying homage to the classic games of old using a hand drawn art style. The release date is set for November 28th. But due to personal reasons, the release will be pushed back to December 15th or further.

I have tested on multiple distros and the game is running great @ 60 fps on hardware that is a decade old.

Arriving home to a village on fire, DaKoo must set out on a journey to discover what has happened. Throwing players into a bevy of tests as they play over 150 levels. Plus a randomized level rollout makes every run of Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon unique. Animations, enemy spawning, and attacks are all randomized. All due to enhance the depth of gameplay. As you work from level to level you’ll enter vortex levels. There you will also have to face gravity zones and traps. While you work to collect shield power-ups and even fly rocket ships. With multiple ways to attack you will take on 5 Bosses among the many objects.

Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon Gameplay Trailer

Domino Studios will continue to improve the Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon after launch. This is also based on feedback from the community. Yet continuing to go through some major changes for the better. Including adding a more visible border to the vortex levels. Due to give the player a better visual understanding of each level. The gas still lingers, so players will have to be cautious. Adding a big upgrades to the playability and visuals of the game. There are also more critical changes to enemy metrics. Which are due to make the enemies appear more often in Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon.


  • Use attacks on the ground or in the air to defend or attack enemies
  • Use Fireballs to defend or attack enemies and bosses
  • Work through vortex levels and gravity zones. Doing so using 90 and 180 degree turns
  • Use jump combos to take on multiple enemies at the same time. All while you work to destroy enemy factories
  • Use 5 different shields to defend yourself. Working through 5 different settings plus multiple Vortex levels

Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon classic platformer game is coming to Linux and Windows PC. Due to release on Steam, on November 28th. So be sure to Wishlist the game now. Due to being priced around $14.99 USD / £10.99 / 13,99€.

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