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Aegis Defenders RPG games native support

aegis defenders rpg games linux support on steam

Aegis Defenders is 2D platformer coming to Mac and Windows, but not Linux. The games design blends Metroidvania style combat with Tower Defense strategy. So a mashup like Shovel Knight and Awesomenauts.

Aegis Defenders launches in just two weeks for $19.99 USD on Mac and Windows via Steam. While a native Linux release is not in the mix. The games engine is Unity 3D of course. Yet the developers do not have plans. But there could also be a post release debut on Linux.

Linux support possible:

“No plans for a linux port at this time unfortunately, we’re looking into it though!”

Also, the games Steam Discussion page indicates something similar. No Linux support now, but possibly in the future. Mind you, “we’re looking into it” seems far more realistic according to our email. So cast your votes and show that Tux love in the Steam Discussion.

Aegis Defenders Trailer (Mac, Windows, no Linux support)

So the hybrid co-op tower defense/action-platformer Aegis Defenders is finally releasing worldwide on Thursday, February 8th, 2018. Which is only for Mac and Windows sadly.

Being able to play Aegis Defenders in dynamic split-screen co-op on the Switch at home or on-the-go with the standard two Joy-cons makes it a perfect fit for the platform. Of course, you can enjoy co-op on PS4, Mac and Windows. With the latter allowing you to combine controller and keyboard combinations. And solo Ruinhunters, fear not. You can also play single-player by controlling 2 characters, asynchronously.

Aegis Defenders Features:

  • Uncover a Gorgeous 16-bit World: Featuring 16-bit inspired sprite visuals, every detail in the world of Aegis is painstakingly hand-painted as a love letter to an era of games that includes classics such as Final Fantasy, Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda.
  • Tower Defense Inspired Combat: Make use of Bart’s powerful defensive structures and Clu’s arsenal of firearms and traps in a fast-paced, flexible combat system that emphasizes a strong defense.
  •  Dynamic Character Swapping: Switch between up to four characters at any time to utilize the best passive abilities of inactive characters just as effectively as active characters.
  • Cooperative and Tailored Gameplay: With drop-in/drop-out co-op, invite a friend in at any time to play the entire story campaign cooperatively.

Steam and Humble games

Aegis Defenders launches in just two weeks for $19.99 USD. The games going to debut on Steam and Humble Store for Mac and Windows. While Linux support seems to be taking a back seat. But hopefully some positive news soon.

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