Aeolis Tournament a multiplayer party game

aeolis tournament a multiplayer party game for linux mac windows pc

Aeolis Tournament is a local and online multiplayer party game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. This is also the creation of developer Beyond Fun Studio. Which is coming not releasing until 2020 via Steam.

Aeolis Tournament is mean for up to 8 players. Since you will have to compete in the games of the Storm Championship. Take the role of one of the challengers. While you use the power of your air blaster to interact with your environment. And also push your opponents far away.

This somewhat of a unique idea for a multiplayer. Since the area’s are not huge. So these are close quarter battles. And to be quite honest, this is the sort of game I’d expect to see streamers battle it out at Twitchcon. It just has that cute vibe mixed in a competition of physics. There is a closed beta coming somewhere near January 2020.

Aeolis Tournament – Pre-alpha Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • Blow Your Opponents Away
    Each character holds an air blaster that allows it to control the wind. You can then interact with the Aeolis Tournament environment. Simply by vacuuming or blowing back objects at your opponents. So you can help clear a path towards your goal.
  • Various Game Modes
    ​Don’t just push people around to on the island, compete in the extreme volcanic soccer mode, the explosive dodge ball mode, the snowball fight mode and many more! Find all of these game modes in the Tournament Mode!
  • Easy to Play, Hard to Master
    The controls are super simple for Aeolis Tournament. They are also reactive which makes the game easy to pick up by anyone. The games are short and easy to understand. Perfect for a friendly competition between family and friends.
  • Many Ways to Play
    Up to 8 players can play simultaneously locally or online. Don’t worry, you can still practice your skills against our own artificial intelligence.
  • A Storm is Coming
    Random dynamic events happen during the game while the storm is brewing. You may have to face thunder and rain, landslides, meteors, lava geysers. Even avalanches so keep an eye out for those.

Aeolis Tournament is due to release in April 2020. Priced at $15 USD / $17.50 CAD // 12.50 EUR. The multiplayer party game is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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