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Aeolis Tournament releases with bang up reviews

aeolis tournament party game releases on linux mac and windows pc

Aeolis Tournament party game releases with bang up reviews on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Beyond Fun Studio. The game is finally gets a release on Steam excellent reviews.

Beyond Fun Studio is eager to announce the release of its first game Aeolis Tournament. The frantic 8 player party game is now available on Steam. Along with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Even better that game also comes with cross platform multiplayer.

The perfect summer game! Aeolis Tournament is a Nintendo-inspired party game. While up to 8 players compete in various game modes. That are also based on a simple one button mechanic. Characters use an air cannon to control the power of the wind and affect their surroundings. It’s a high tempo game in the vein of Fuzion Frenz. Made more interesting due to the cartoony and colorful art direction. Aeolis Tournament features physics based gameplay. Not to mention a tournament mode. There is also local and online multiplayer play.

Aeolis Tournament – Release Trailer

“After overcoming a lot of the challenges the last year has thrown at us. While at the same time establishing our studio and developing our first game. We’re so proud to present Aeolis Tournament. We hope it will bring tons of fun in these times as you play with your friends!” says Sebastien Gauvin, Beyond Fun Studio co-founder.


  • Up to 8 players Multiplayer Offline/Online cross-platform
  • Simple controls/mechanic: accessible and fun for all type of players
  • 6 game modes and 6 characters!
  • Achievements and progression system with unlockable items
  • Customization: fashion items & character skins
  • Will be supported with new content post launch (game modes, characters, items..)

To celebrate the Aeolis Tournament launch. The party game releases with a 15% discount for a week. Due to end on July 23rd. After this the game will come back to its full price of $14.99 USD, €12,49 and £11.49.

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