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Aero’s Quest arcade platformer and puzzle game looking for support on Greenlight

#Independent games #developer and publisher Soloweb N.V. Studios and leading art-studio Ravens Eye Studios are proud to announce a Spring 2015 #release of Aero’s Quest, an exciting arcade, platformer, and puzzle game currently in development for the Linux, Mac, Windows PC and major gaming consoles.

You can pledge your support by voting for Aero’s Quest on Steam Greenlight.

Aero’s Quest is based around hero-character Aero, who is madly in love with the beautiful Ariella, for whom he would do anything. Unfortunately, the evil Andraus is also in love with the pretty heroine, and is determined to keep her to himself by kidnapping her, and by turning Aero into a bare piece of metal, along with all the robots and machines he has created. But Aero’s love is too strong, and when Ariella is kidnapped he escapes from his transformation, and he takes advantage of his brand new “parts” to jump higher and run even faster in order to begin his quest against Andraus to rescue the beloved Ariella.

Aero’s Quest is an addictive single-player gameplay experience featuring 100 challenging levels across 5 unique worlds and sub-worlds, in which Aero must be guided in pursuit of happiness. Ariella is trapped in a laser bar cage at the end of each level, and it is your job to traverse the level and release a series of switches that frees Ariella from entrapment. But beware of evil Andraus, who will do his very best of cunning tricks for you to fail. Sometimes he will vanish to other rooms and even take Ariella with him. As the game progresses you must overcome traps, challenges and other obstacles scattered around the levels, and unless you complete each within a given time-frame, it’s lost love for Aero and Arielle.

Aero’s Quest features a compelling story, fast and furious action, crisp and beautiful 2D graphics, addictive gameplay, and puzzle-solving fun. Packed full of power-ups to gain, achievements to collect, and 15 impressive sound tracks (best experienced at full volume), are you skilled and brave enough to rescue Ariella?

A browser-based version of Aero’s Quest with limited content is available for free and offers a good introduction to the games mechanics, style and functionality. Aero’s Quest can also be experienced at the PAX SOUTH gaming expo in San Antonio, TX, taking place between January 23 rd – 25 th of 2015.

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