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Aftercharge FPS launches second test event

aftercharge 3v3 first-person launches second steam test event linux mac windows games

Aftercharge is a competitive 3v3 first-person online game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Yet the games not due to release on Steam until the spring of 2018. However, Chainsawesome Games are running their second test event.

We will be running a second test event on December 1st. This time, to have the playtime more focused, the event will only last 12 hours. We will open the servers at 12:00 PM EST and close them down at 12:00 AM EST.

Get your key right here

Since the games test event is easy enough to get into. I did check, the keys are all gone, sadly. Free keys means signing in with Discord, voila. Sadly not the case. So I’ve emailed Chainsawesome Games. Hopefully we’ll have some good news regarding key availability.

Linux release

“Our test phases will be all running on Windows. We will probably port for Linux only at launch.

The next test event should be around late January!”

Aftercharge Action Teaser (Linux, Mac, Windows):

Aftercharge is an asymmetrical team game. Since both teams have different objectives and abilities. So the robots must sabotage the energy extractors around the map. While the enforcers are tasked with stopping them. So Battlerite meets Arms of Telos style of gameplay.

  • The melee robots are permanently invisible. So they have to destroy all six extractors on the map. They can transfer power charges between one another either. So they can boost an ally back to life and coordinate attacks. Create distractions and combine their abilities to waste extractors.
  • The other team are the enforcers, they are class-based. So their arsenal contains a main weapon, sub-weapon and a special ability. The goal, deactivate all three robots simultaneously. Their main weapons and abilities use up energy. Therefore they must stand close an extractor and recharge their energy. Making the games neutral structures a key resource for both teams.

Aftercharge Features:

  • Unique blend of fresh mechanics
    An invisible team fighting an invincible team. Reviving allies instantly with no limit and zero cooldown on abilities. So only a few mechanics that make Aftercharge an original shooter.
  • Bite-size competitive matches
    The teams are small, the maps are small, the rounds are short. The action never stops.
  • Asymmetrical characters 
    Choose from a different character pool. Each side has widely different abilities and roles to vary your team’s strategy.
  • Online multiplayer and matchmaking
    Team up with players anywhere around the world. Face-off against opponents of similar skill level.

The games Steam release:

So Aftercharge is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. The games not going to be available spring of 2018. There is no release date set as of yet, officially.

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