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Afterdream explore a haunted mansion

afterdream psychological horror adventure game is due to hit linux via steam deck with windows pc

Afterdream psychological horror adventure game is due to hit Linux via Steam Deck with Windows PC. Jesse Makkonen poured his heart and soul into creating this masterpiece. Due to make its way onto Steam and GOG this month.

Mark your calendars because an engaging journey awaits you on September 28th. Afterdream, a remarkable 2D psychological horror adventure game, is gearing up for its much awaited release. Hailing from the creative genius of Jesse Makkonen and backed by two renowned publishers, Feardemic for consoles and Gamera Games for PC. There’s already a lot of attention around this title. Which also holds hope for support too.

I’ll do my best to support Afterdream for Steam Deck, so it should run through Proton.

This title is a Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ creation. The developer also points out, “there’s no easy way to support Linux.” And as a result, that means that Proton support via Steam Deck is the main focus.

You might wonder, what makes Afterdream so different?

For starters, imagine stepping into a lucid dream. Not just any dream, but one where the lines blur between what’s real and what’s your imagination. Now, visualize yourself searching through an eerie mansion, with only a peculiar camera. This isn’t your typical camera, since it reveals secrets, sometimes hidden and other times straight in front of you. Doing so by interacting with objects around the mansion. These aren’t just any objects either. Some may be clues, while others may simply deepen the mystery.

Afterdream | Date Reveal Trailer

The visual aspect of the Afterdream journey is remarkable. Presented in 2D pixel art graphics, each scene feels like a blend of vibrant artistry with a dreamy essence. This style is not just unique but also adds a layer of depth that’s hard to describe. It’s as if you’ve stepped into a digital painting, but every brush stroke feels alive.

But Afterdream is not just the visuals that pull you in. Ever been in a room and felt the hair on your neck stand up because of a faint whisper? Or the creaking of a floorboard? The ambiance in Afterdream is so audible, due to its setting music and sound design. Each note, each sound byte, has been carefully crafted to ensure that you’re living the experience.

One of the standout features you’ll like is its interface minimalist yet effective. In the modern world of flashy visuals and endless options, Afterdream offers a refreshing take. Ensuring that your journey remains continual and smooth.

And here’s a fun tidbit: “Valmistettu suomessa.” Wondering what that means? It’s a Finnish phrase which translates to “Made in Finland.” That’s right; this game is crafted in Finland. Due to guarantee truth and quality, free from recycled content.

Afterdream psychological horror adventure is not just another title. It’s proof of what’s possible when creativity, craftsmanship, and technology come together. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or someone looking for a fresh title, that promises a journey worth embarking on. This one is coming to Linux and Steam Deck via Proton. Due to make its way onto Steam and GOG on September 28th.

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