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Aftershock expansion to hit Ion Fury this summer

aftershock expansion due to release for ion fury this summer via linux gaming and windows pc

Aftershock expansion due to out for Ion Fury this summer via Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Voidpoint. Due to make it’s way onto Steam, so new, we don’t even have a product page yet.

Ion Fury is the old school first person shooter developed by Voidpoint. Which will keep the bullets and cybernetic body parts flying with Aftershock. This is the new expansion pack launching in Summer 2021.

After defeating Heskel in her previous adventure, Shelly Harrison decides to celebrate at a local bar. So when explosions interrupt her tasty beverage, she rushes out to find Heskel in a monstrous flying machine. There he is cackling madly, then rockets away toward a mushroom cloud on the horizon.

Ion Fury: Aftershock – Announcement Trailer

Instinctively, Shelly reaches for her Loverboy revolver, cocks it, and searches for the fastest transportation she can find. Low and behond, a sleek and powerful high speed Hover Bike. Which is also armed with Drunken Homing Plasma Missiles. While the fight against Heskel continues with multiple brand new zones to explore. Facing off against new dangerous enemies, armaments to destroy, and some amazing high speed vehicle combat.

Like classic expansions, Aftershock offers a brand new Arrange mode. Whether playing for the first time or revisiting Ion Fury, choose Arrange mode to experience the original game. Now enhanced with new enemies, weapons and more.

Rendered in the very same Build Engine that powered beloved titles like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior. Ion Fury takes the classic shooter framework and injects a bit of modern mayhem with features like headshots. Since Voidpoint doesn’t just create a game inspired by ‘90s shooters. They practically time traveled and created their own ‘90s shooter.

“Aftershock continues Shelly’s story in the best way possible: with rockets and high-speed chases,” said Mike Nielsen, CEO of 3D Realms. “We love seeing the Build engine continue to grow and Ion Fury: Aftershock does some awesome things that we can’t wait to share with you.”

Ion Fury: Aftershock will be available Summer 2021 on Steam. Continuing support in Linux gaming with Windows PC.
The base games is available on Steam and Humble Store for $24.99 USD. Although, right now GOG is offering a 40% discount.